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Infinity Services is an authorized Sophos partner committed to bringing consistently top-ranked, cutting-edge cybersecurity services and products to Infinity’s clients. Sophos is a worldwide leader in next-generation cybersecurity, protecting more than 500,000 organizations and millions of consumers in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyberthreats. Let’s have your ‘Security Operations Center (SOC)’ up and running by tomorrow.

Infinity Services has been in business since 1999 and based in New Jersey.

Do you have the people and systems in place to thwart an attack on your critical assets?


Vulnerabilities Can Lurk Anywhere In Your Critical Systems

  • Cybercrime-as-a-Service

Growing Dark Web Bazaars

Criminal underground marketplaces like Genesis have long made it possible to buy malware and malware deployment services (“malware-as-a-service”), as well as to sell stolen credentials and other data in bulk.

  • Growing Cyber Criminal Army

Lethal Expertise Now In The Hands Of Novices

“This isn’t just the usual fare, such as malware, scamming and phishing kits for sale.”. “Higher rung cybercriminals are now selling tools and capabilities that once were solely in the hands of some of the most sophisticated attackers as services to other actors.


The Potential Exploit Surface Targeted By Cyber Criminals Is Huge


24x7x365 Vigilance Requirements Is A Nightmare For Most Organizations

  • Evolving Threats

New Attack Vectors Proliferating

As an example, this past year, we saw advertisements for OPSEC-as-a-service where the sellers offered to help attackers hide Cobalt Strike infections, and we saw scanning-a-service, which gives buyers access to legitimate commercial tools like Metasploit, so that they can find and then exploit vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Delivered

With Managed Detection and Reponse(MDR) also known as Cybersecurity-as-a-Service and effective products that secure Endpoint, Network, Cloud and Email we have you covered without breaking the bank.

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cybersecurity services

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3x more customers trust our ‘Managed Detection and Response’ service than any other vendor.

Our peer-approved products are used at more than 500,000 organizations in diverse domains including Education, Healthcare, Retail, US Federal, Government, Finance and Banking, and Manufacturing.

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cybersecurity services
cybersecurity services

“Sophos has set the bar for security. Its products integrate seamlessly to better service a company’s whole environment.”

Wil Craig

Head of IT, HydraFacial

“Sophos stops everything malicious and provides us with alerts, so we can respond quickly—and that’s worth its weight in gold.”

Cliff Hogan

CIO, D4C Dental Brands

“We feel that Sophos is an ideal solution—especially for protecting against advanced threats like ransomware.”

David Bristow

Information Technology Manager, City of Castlegar

Teekay Corporation

Sophos Endpoint, Network, and Ransomware Protection Provide the Ultimate Security from Ship to Shore.

The Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks score a cybersecurity hat trick with Sophos MDR, Sophos Central, and Sophos Endpoint.

Johnson Controls

How Johnson Controls secured their cloud transformation with Sophos Cloud Security.

The Diocese of Brooklyn

Using Cutting Edge Security Solutions from Sophos to Protect Against the Latest Threats

Comprehensive Reporting And Analytics

cybersecurity services

Every second matters, you need experts who detect and neutralize threats faster than anyone else

cybersecurity services

Battle Tested Team Has Your Back

Customer Background

  • Large private telecommunications company
  • Mixed security estate including:
  • Sophos Endpoint and XDR protection
  • Non-Sophos email appliance

Attack Overview

  • The adversary spoofed a large European financial services company
    • Emails were sent from @xx.gouv.xx, not
  • Several hundred malicious emails were sent to the customer’s employees
    • Spearphishing Links (SL) MITRE Technique T156.022
  • The email claimed recipients’ security was disabled and they needed to authenticate their identity
  • Recipients were requested to click on a link to a malicious web page where they would enter their credentials or download a file

The Trigger

  • The customer’s firewall created an alert for Exploit of a Public Facing Application
  • Sophos generated two alerts for the client endpoint

Sophos MDR In Action

  • The 234 alerts were consolidated in 2 clusters
    • Human analysts then investigated:
    • The malicious emails
    • The destination web page IP address
    • Customer network traffic to the malicious URL
    • Data lake for processes associated with successful execution of the attack
  • Sophos was able to confirm that no malicious process had slipped through
  • Sophos MDR provided full details to the customer and a recommendation to delete malicious emails still sitting in users’ inboxes

Customer Background

  • Mixed security estate including:
    • Sophos Endpoint
    • Non-Sophos firewall
  • The customer did not have the Sophos XDR agent installed, preventing post-exploit investigations

Attack Overview

  • The adversary conducted ping sweeps using IP address
  • They attempted to inject commands to the public facing application RealTek UDPSServer on host
  • The connection was not blocked by the customer’s firewall

The Trigger

  • The customer’s firewall created an alert for Exploit of a Public Facing Application
  • Sophos generated two alerts for the client endpoint

Sophos In Action

  • The 3 alerts were consolidated into 1 cluster
  • Human analysts then investigated the incident:
    • Identified that  that the IP address was conducting ping sweeps on port 9034
    • Confirmed that the IP address is malicious
    • Confirmed no internal network processes had been observed in relation to the IP address
  • Sophos MDR advised the customer to
    • Block the IP address at the network perimeter
    • Install Sophos XDR agent on the host
    • Upgrade RealTek UDP Server to latest version
  • Once Sophos XDR is installed we can proactively remove any remnants of post-exploit activity

Customer Background

  • Mixed security estate including:
    • Sophos Endpoint
    • Third-party firewall

Attack Overview

  • The adversary attempted to brute force Secure Shell (SSH) by attempting hundreds of login attempts from different IP addresses
  • SSH is a network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network
  • Its most notable applications are remote login and command-line execution.

The Trigger

  • The customer’s firewall blocked the malicious connections
  • The firewall generated hundreds of attempted login alerts in a short period of time

Sophos In Action

  • Sophos MDR consolidated the myriad alerts and investigated the incident. They identified that:
    • SSH was publicly exposed on the client computer
    • There had been no successful logins
  • Digging deeper they discovered:
    • The source IP address was
    • This IP address is abusive to SSH and Brute-Force attempts
    • The IP address was not yet classified as malicious by security vendors
  • Sophos MDR advised the customer:
    • to disabled SSH on the device
    • that they didn’t need to block the IP as the firewall was blocking the malicious connections

For additional peace of mind, Sophos MDR Complete automatically includes a warranty covering up to $1 million in response expenses for qualifying customers. There are no warranty tiers, minimum contract terms, or additional purchase requirements.

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  • If you need advanced cybersecurity services and products to secure users, networks and endpoints against ransomware, malware, exploits, phishing and the wide range of other cyberattacks.

“The cybersecurity threat landscape continues to evolve with ever increasing sophistication. AI and other technologies used by threat actors means the techniques for ransomware and other attacks will be unpredictable. Most SMBs are ill-prepared to confront this challenge.”

Mehul Shah

Founder, Infinity Services Inc.

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