Cyber Liability Insurance Resources

The cyber insurance market is changing fast, and conditions are getting tougher as the market hardens for the first time in its 15-plus year history. While most organizations already have some cyber insurance coverage, many are finding the bar for renewal is getting higher as capacity shrinks – and premiums are going up.

Business interruption and incident response costs start clocking up rapidly from the moment an attack occurs. The faster the organization is back up and running, the smaller the bill.  You need a lightning-fast incident response to neutralizing attacks quickly and keeping recovery costs down.

Speed and world class techology from Sophos and experience gained across thousands of incidents helps swiftly eject adversaries and minimize damage

Good cybersecurity can help with cyber insurance in multiple ways: from facilitating access to a policy approved through underwriting to lowering premiums and reducing the likelihood of making a claim. The resources below provide an overview into the state of the cyber insurance market and details the Sophos technologies and services that can help you reduce your premiums and lower your risk. Click on each card for additional information.


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