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Industry 4.0 is all set to transform the manufacturing industry by giving way to “smart factories.” Sophos’ layered security and powerful protection capabilities address the cybersecurity challenges in manufacturing to ensure uninterrupted operations and accelerate value creation through processes of digital transformation, IT/OT convergence, and the likes.

The State of Ransomware in Manufacturing and Production 2022

Key Findings:

  • 55% hit by ransomware last year
  • 57% of attacks encrypted data
  • 75% have secured cyber insurance against ransomware
  • 33% paid the ransom
  • US$1.23M average recovery cost

Secure sensitive data wherever it is held

Secure data on endpoints – Sophos Intercept X with XDR secures your data on Windows, Mac, and virtual machines. Manufacturing data-specific data loss protection rules provide stronger protection and automatic response to incidents.

Server-specific data protection – Sophos Intercept X for Server provides server-specific protection for on-premises, virtual, and multi-cloud environments. It stops advanced attacks and enables you to quickly identify and address suspicious activity.

Prevent attacks from reaching your data – Sophos Firewall uses AI-powered threat detection technology to prevent attacks reaching your sensitive data, and other parts of your ecosystem.

Stop data breaches – Sophos Email encrypts sensitive data, stopping both accidental and malicious data breaches.

Protect data in lost or stolen devices – Sophos Encryption provides a quick, easy way to ensure Windows and macOS devices are safely encrypted, protecting your data and proving compliance if they’re lost or stolen.

Zero trust network access

Manufacturers need to adopt a zero-trust approach of trust nothing; verify everything to secure access to their most critical infrastructure and proprietary information. Sophos’ Zero Trust Network Access continuously validates user identity, device health, and compliance before granting access to applications and data.

Prevent lateral movement

Enable an automated and coordinated response to isolate threats and prevent lateral movement with Sophos’ Synchronized Security feature linking Sophos-managed endpoints with Sophos Firewall. Whether a threat is first detected at your firewall, an endpoint, or server, they all leap into action and work together to provide an automatic response with dynamic firewall rules and lateral movement protection isolating a compromised host to prevent spread, hacker communication, or data loss.

Reduce the attack surface

  • Get complete visibility and insight into all your network traffic, whether it’s encrypted, evasive, or elusive. An unidentified app traffic on the network activates Sophos Synchronized Application Control. As a result, a new application is automatically classified, allowing complete control by policy to block, throttle, or prioritize it.
  • Identify top risky users based on their recent web activity, and threat and infection history so you can take appropriate action. A user’s risk score can be an indication of unintentional actions due to a lack of security awareness or the sign of a rogue or negligent user.
  • Get protection against latest advanced threats with Sophos Firewall that leverages our industry-leading machine learning technology to instantly identify the latest ransomware and unknown threats before they get on your network.

Protect against advanced malware and threats

  • Intelligent threat protection with Sophos Intercept X with XDR automatically detects, prioritizes, and investigates threats using artificial intelligence.
  • Dedicated team of response experts at Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provide 24/7 protection, hunting and stopping advanced human-led attacks before they can affect you.
  • Get emergency support during active threats even if you’re not a Sophos customer. Our team will help you get an attack under control quickly to protect your networks, applications, and data, as well as mitigate damage and disruption.
  • See the full cybersecurity picture with Sophos Extended Detection and Response (XDR). It integrates multiple data sources to give you a holistic view of your organization’s cybersecurity environment with the ability to drill down into granular detail when needed.
  • Get protection that constantly learns and improves with Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem (ACE). It enables Sophos products to work together and respond automatically to threats, stopping and cleaning up threats in just seconds.

Case Studies

AG Barr

Sophos Managed Detection & Response offers 24/7 security provision without recruiting additional staff at AG Barr.

GHCL Limited

Sophos Addresses the Holistic Security Needs of a Leader in Chemicals & Textiles.

Jindal SAW

Steel Manufacturer strikes gold with the Sophos XG Firewall.

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