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Sophos supports implementation of modern, digitized technologies in government organizations to speed up operations and improve services for citizens. The advanced protection capabilities safeguard cybersecurity in government institutions, where the smallest compromise could become a threat to national security, critical national infrastructure, and the economy.

Sophos is consistently recognized by industry professionals, analysts, and researchers for offering unparalleled protection and an unwavering commitment to their customers.

In the latest news, Sophos has been named the best managed detection and response (MDR), endpoint, network, and anti-malware security provider for U.S. government organizations by American Security Today for 2022.

The State of Ransomware in State and Local Government 2022

Key Findings:

  • 58% hit by ransomware last year
  • 72% of attacks encrypted data
  • 32% paid the ransom
  • US$0.66M average recovery cost
  • 80% have secured cyber insurance against ransomware

Secure Your Assets; Support Your Mission

While today’s cyber threats are exhausting and complex, your cybersecurity solutions don’t have to be. You need products that effortlessly work together to make each solution more powerful and effective so you can stop more threats faster. You want solutions that help your teams be more productive and collaborative, so you get more value out of the investments you have already made. You deserve better cybersecurity.

Sophos understands the unique needs of government bodies, supporting your mission with incomparable threat prevention, detection, and response, provided by an elite team of highly trained threat analysts.

Sophos puts you back in control with the industry’s most comprehensive and open integrated security management platform that spans your entire enterprise – all endpoints, networks, and cloud workloads – available as a fully managed service.

Accelerate Threat Response: Stop Advanced Threats in Their Tracks

It is no secret that government agencies face ever-increasing, sophisticated cyberattacks. To best protect your agency, you need to shift to agile, always-on security operations backed by automated, human-optimized protections that continually adapt to evolving risks.

Sophos supports your mission, offering the most comprehensive telemetry in the industry with deep threat intelligence across all your endpoints, firewalls, servers, mobile devices, email infrastructure, and cloud environments.

Sophos’ elite team of highly trained 24x7x365 threat analysts and incident response experts take targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats.

Centralize Security Operations

You need a cybersecurity solution that defends your mission where it needs to go. Sophos protects your resources wherever they are: on-premises, remote, or in the cloud. From foreign adversaries to ransomware, from remote workers to insider threats: Government agencies face greater cyber risk than ever before. That’s why you need innovative, intelligent solutions that improve cybersecurity outcomes.

Sophos keeps you in control, delivering complete visibility into essential IT operations across your enterprise – integrated and synchronized via an open Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem that can be managed by you or by us. Enjoy unbeatable protection and flexible deployments so you can secure your modern, interconnected operations.

Sophos’ advanced cybersecurity solutions are engineered to outsmart cyber threats targeting government agencies. With smoothly integrated, synchronized protection that secures endpoints and workloads wherever they reside and cybersecurity experts who partner with you every step of the way

Modernize IT to enable Zero Trust, SOAR and DevSecOps

Deliver on the principles of ZTNA: trust nothing, verify everything. With Sophos ZTNA, you can confidently connect individual users to the application and data they need, wherever their mission takes them.

Develop at the speed of the cloud and integrate with the tools and technologies you know and love; align security, DevOps, and operations teams with immediate insight to quickly assess and reduce risk. Transform your cybersecurity efforts from being an internal roadblock to becoming an enabler of innovation and agile operations.

Sophos customers report doubling the efficiency of their cyber teams — while slashing incidents by up to 85%.

Case Studies

City of Castlegar

Sophos solutions meet the evolving needs of a Canadian municipality.


Sophos Managed Detection and Response provides first-class expertise to maximize cybersecurity at the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

Tourism Finance Corp.

Tourism Finance Corporation Strengthens Incident Response with Sophos MDR.

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