Cloud Native Security Platform

Get complete multi-cloud security coverage across environments, workloads, and identities. View your multi-cloud environments to detect and remediate security risks, reduce your attack surface, and maintain compliance. Protect your infrastructure and data now and as it evolves with flexible host and container workload security. Implement least privilege across your multi-cloud environments and manage your identities before they’re exploited. Build a layered defense against threats with additional cloud security capabilities from Sophos. Sophos’ flexible approach to cybersecurity deployment and management means optimizing security, keeping data secure and private while blocking active threats are goals you can easily achieve. The Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service can work with your team and Sophos MSP to monitor your environment 24/7/365 and proactively hunt for and remediate threats.

Power-Up Security Teams

Boost efficiency with a single integrated cloud security platform. Sophos Cloud Native Security unifies security tools across workloads, cloud environments, and entitlements management. Integrated with SIEM, collaboration, workflow, and DevOps tools to increase agility across an organization.

Fast-Track Cyber Resilience

Your cloud environments need to be tough, hard to compromise and quick to recover. A comprehensive and intuitive security and remediation tools can be managed by your security teams, or via Managed Services to fast-track your cyber resilience to best meet the security incidents of today.

Minimize Time to Detect and Respond

Leverage Sophos’ extended detection and response (XDR) tools to identify and stop malware, exploits, misconfigurations, and anomalous behaviors. Hunt for threats, prioritize detections, and automatically connect security events to optimize investigation and response.

Visibility, Governance, and Compliance

  • Increase efficiency by monitoring posture across AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, Infrastructure as Code, and Docker Hub environments in a single console.
  • See it all: Asset inventories, network visualizations, cloud spend, and configuration risk.
  • Automate compliance assessments and save weeks of effort with audit-ready reports.
  • Reduce risk without losing DevOps speed with Infrastructure as Code and container image security.
  • Prioritize resources with risk-assessed and color-coded alerts.
  • Provide detailed alerts and guided remediation to help your teams build their cloud security skills.

Protect Cloud Workloads and Data

  • Get performance and uptime with lightweight Linux and Windows host protection via agent or API for Linux.
  • Protect it all: Cloud, data center, host, container, Windows, and Linux.
  • Identify sophisticated Linux security incidents at runtime without deploying a kernel module.
  • Secure your Windows hosts and remote workers against ransomware, exploits, and never-before-seen threats.
  • Manage applications, lock down configurations, and monitor changes to your critical Windows system files.
  • Utilize XDR to streamline threat investigations and response and prioritize and connect events.

Enforce Least Privilege

  • Ensure all identities only perform actions that are required for their tasks and nothing more.
  • Visualize complex, interwoven IAM roles to quickly highlight and prevent over-privileged IAM roles.
  • Pinpoint unusual user access patterns and locations to identify credential misuse or theft.
  • Utilize SophosAI to connect disparate high-risk anomalies in user behavior to prevent breaches.

Secure Serverless Environments

  • Embed SophosLabs threat intelligence into applications, websites, and in-house security projects via the REST API.
  • Get rich reports that provide actionable insights into a threat’s nature and capabilities.
  • Global visibility of threats includes intelligence derived from Sophos-protected networks, endpoints, and cloud workloads.

Network and Application Security

  • Complete cloud edge firewall solution includes IPS, ATP, and URL filtering and lets you deploy several network security products at once.
  • Sophos Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your cloud workloads against hackers and offers reverse proxy authentication for secure user access.
  • High availability ensures applications and users can always connect. Sophos UTM Firewall offers automatic scaling across dynamic environments.
  • Flexible SD-WAN, zero trust network access, and VPN ensure you can connect anyone, anywhere.

Take the Weight of Cloud Security Off Your Shoulders

  • Deploy and manage Sophos protection from a single unified console.

Respond to Security Incidents at midnight

  • Threat Hunting: Sophos’ elite team of threat analysts proactively hunts for threats and evaluates their potential impact and context.
  • Response: Remotely disrupt, contain, and neutralize the most sophisticated threats.
  • Continuous Improvement: Get actionable advice for addressing the root cause of recurring incidents to stop them from occurring again.

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