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Say goodbye to implicit trust

Zero Trust Network Access

Traditionally anyone with access to the network, either physically or via VPN, has broad access to everything on that network. With zero trust, nothing is implicitly trusted. Trust has to be earned – constantly.

The Ultimate Remote Access VPN Replacement

ZTNA eliminates vulnerable VPN clients, integrates device health, and removes the implicit trust and broad network access that VPN provides. It allows granular access to resources defined by policies based on health and identity to enhance your security posture.


Enable Remote Access, Micro-Segment your Applications


Securely connect anyone, anywhere, to any application. Sophos ZTNA transparently connects users to important business applications and data, providing enhanced segmentation, security, and visibility over traditional remote access VPN.

Sophos ZTNA delivers on the principles of zero trust: trust nothing, verify everything. Individual users and devices become their own micro-segmented perimeter that are constantly validated and verified. They are no longer “on the network” with all the implied trust and access that usually comes with it. Trust is now earned – not given.

The possibility for ransomware and other threats to propagate across the network from a compromised user device is no longer a concern with ZTNA. Users and devices only have explicit policy-based access to specific applications. This eliminates the implied trust and broad network access that is one of the key challenges with VPN.

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Advantages of ZTNA compared to a remote access VPN

Why the ZTNA buzz

When it comes to cybersecurity, it all comes down to risk and trust. Do you trust the user who just logged on to the network, or the one who is trying to access the corporate applications? How about the email that appears to be from your business partner but includes requests that seem unusual, perhaps indicating a business email compromise attack. Trust but verify became a popular slogan in the 1980s, but today the pendulum has moved to Never Trust; Verify Everything.

The zero-trust model requires that anyone on the network must be authenticated in order to gain access, but that is not all. Any attempt to access a network resource, such as a server, application or data, requires the device or application used to access the resource must also be validated for compliance, then reauthenticated and validated each time a new request is made.


Sophos MDR: Key Capabilities


Zero Trust Network Access offers enormous benefits in many ways but is primarily being adopted for one or more of these reasons:

  • Working from home: ZTNA solutions are a much easier solution for managing remote access for staff working from home.
  • Application Micro-Segmentation: ZTNA solutions provide much better application security with microsegmentation, and the integration of device health into access policies.
  • Stopping Ransomware: ZTNA solutions eliminate a common vector of attack for Ransomware and other network infiltration attacks.
  • On-board New Applications and Users Quickly: ZTNA enables better security and more agility in quickly changing environments of user and applications.
ZTNA Advantages

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