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Sophos delivers advanced protection capabilities to help finance and banking institutions stay secure without adding to their IT overhead. Easily adopt cloud computing and compliance with industry best practices and regulations with Sophos by your side.

The State of Ransomware in Financial Services 2022

Ransomware attacks on finance and banking organizations can be particularly devastating as they impact the availability of financial systems and deliver customer service. Sophos’ proactive threat hunting and prevention tools are constantly evolving to stay ahead of ransomware.

Key Findings:

  • 55% hit by ransomware last year
  • 54% of attacks encrypted data
  • 52% paid the ransom
  • US$1.59M average recovery cost
  • 83% secured cyber insurance against ransomware

Secure financial transactions with advanced threat protection

  • Intelligent threat protection with Sophos Intercept X with XDR automatically detects, prioritizes, and investigates threats using artificial intelligence. Hunt threats to detect active adversaries, or use that intelligence to leverage for IT operations to maintain IT security hygiene. When an issue is found remotely, respond with precision with features like Live Discover and Live Response.
  • Dedicated team of response experts at Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provide 24/7 protection to detect and stop advanced human-led attacks before they can affect your finance and banking institutions. Read how they blocked a $15 million Maze ransomware attack, or read this MDR buyers guide to learn more.
  • Get emergency support during active threats with Sophos Rapid Response – even if you’re not a Sophos customer. The team will help you get an attack under control quickly to protect your networks, applications, and data, as well as mitigate damage and disruption.
  • See the full cybersecurity picture with Sophos Extended Detection and Response (XDR). It integrates network, email, cloud, and mobile data sources on top of endpoint and server information, giving you a holistic view of your organization’s cybersecurity environment with the ability to drill down into granular detail when needed.
  • Get protection that constantly learns and improves with Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem (ACE). It enables Sophos products to work together and respond automatically to threats, stopping and cleaning up threats in just seconds.

Secure customer and corporate data

Banks and financial institutions deal with millions of transactions daily, which means that much more customer data needs to be secured. Attackers seek to steal funds from hacked accounts or lay hand on personally identifiable information (PII) that can be used for malicious activities like identity theft and fraudulent use of credit cards.

  • Secure data on endpoints
  • Control who can access your data
  • Stop data breaches
  • Prevent attacks from reaching your data
  • Server-specific data protection
  • Protect data in lost or stolen devices

Secure branch offices

Banks and financial institutions must include security not only for each of the ATMs, but also for branches, micro-branches, and data centers.

Sophos Firewall enables users to connect securely from any location via the free Sophos Connect VPN. It’s easy to deploy and configure, and gives your remote users secure access to resources on the network or public cloud from Windows and macOS devices.

Sophos SD-RED is a small plug-and-play device that works with Sophos Firewall to allow extension of secure network to other locations easily with no local setup or technical skills required.

Sophos Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) puts identity at the center of defense, constantly validating the user, the device, and policy compliance. It controls access to your data and applications based on user identity and device health.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Banks and financial institutions handle large quantities of customers’ money and personal and financial information. Most of them operate in different jurisdictions, each with its own reporting standard, which makes reporting and compliance management tough for this industry.

Sophos Central provides flexible reporting tools that allow visualization of network activity and security over time. It offers several built-in compliance reports as well as easy tools to create custom reports.

Sophos Encryption makes it easy to verify encryption status and demonstrate compliance which is especially useful in cases of lost or stolen devices where organizations must prove that these missing devices are encrypted.

Case Studies


AAVAS uses Sophos to strengthen cybersecurity infrastructure with advanced security solutions.

ALMIS International

ALMIS International brings IT in-house and saves hard earned revenue with Sophos.

Kristallis Accounting

Operating in a highly-regulated industry, Kristallis Accounting (Kristallis) recognised the need for a more holistic IT and cybersecurity strategy that would keep its data safe and protect its employees from being targeted by phishing and ransomware attacks.

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